Somerset Bridge Association Events

For more information on the following events please look at the web site of the Somerset Bridge Association

OR (in respect of Kingston Seymour events):




Kingston Semour are running several session as follows:


Wednesday, 1 May. A session on Reverse Bids (also known as Going Over Your Barrier) to show Stronger Hands.


Wednesday, 29 May TBA


Wednesday, 26 June TBA


All of these seminars will start at 2:00pm in the Kingston Seymour Village Hall and will be charged at our normal rate of £2 for members or £3 for non-members, to include tea, coffee and biscuits.


 To book ring:


Graham Daniel


Chairman, Kingston Seymour Bridge Club


Tel:  01275-856786   Mobile:  07810-773886

E-mail:  [email protected]

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