1.1       The Club is called Backwell Bridge Club

 1.2       It is not affiliated to any Body

 1.3       It provides the opportunity to play duplicate bridge in a club environment.

 1.4       The club meets weekly.




2.1       Membership is open to all bridge players.

2.2       Members are required to pay an annual subscription and a table charge at each meeting.

 2.3       Subsciptions are due on 1st May

2.4        All players shall abide by club rules and etiquette.

 2.5      The director’s decision is final

 2.6       Visitors are welcome and shall pay the current visitor fee.




3.1       The committee shall consist of a maximum of 5 members.

 3.2       The Officers – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer - and all committee members shall be proposed, seconded and voted into office at the AGM.

 3.3       In the event of any casual vacancies, the Committee may co-opt from the membership.




4.1       COMMITTEE

 i)          The Officers decide when to hold a committee meeting.

 ii)         The committee is responsible for all decisions affecting the club.

 iii)        If  there is no consensus on a particular matter when a formal proposal is made and vote taken, a quorum of  3 committee members’  presence is required.

 iv)        Minutes of all Meetings shall be taken by the Secretary and will be available for



4.2       ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING        


i)          The Chair (or representative) will lead the meeting.

 ii)         The AGM will be held in May with a minimum of one month’s notice.

 iii)        Only members may submit proposals to and vote at the AGM.

 iv)        Any formal proposal for voting at the AGM must be submitted, in writing, to the

             Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

 v)         A resolution can only be passed if a quorum of 40% of membership is present. 

 vi)        Nominations for Committee should be submitted to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

 vii)       The independently scrutinized Annual Accounts shall be presented at the AGM for


 viii)      Members may call an extraordinary meeting at any time, giving 28 days notice in writing, to the Secretary, providing this request is signed by at least 10 members.

 ix)        The Constitution may only be amended by a resolution at an AGM or EGM.




5.1       A Club Account will be held at a bank or building society.

 5.2       One signature taken from Chair, Treasurer or Secretary will validate a cheque

 5.3       Bank statements are available for inspection

5.4       The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary wil nominate an individual, usually the Treasurer, to operate the Club Account online. This individual is authorised to make payments on line on behalf of the Club until a successor is appointed.

5.5       The Treasurer is responsible for financial matters and will present a statement of Income and Expenditut and Balance Sheet, to the AGM for approval.

 5.4       The Club will insure itself for Public Liability.

 5.5       The rate of subscription and table money charges are proposed by the Committee and voted for at the AGM.

 5.6       In the event that Backwell Bridge Club be dissolved, any assets remaining will be donated to charity.


ADOPTED AT EGM 23 OCTOBER 2013, except for 2.3, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 which were amended on 22nd May 2019






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