ANDREW ROBSON at STREET Friday October 18th
Three seminars starting at 10am at The Victoria Club, Street. Victoria Field, Leigh Road Street, Somerset BA16 0HB
1. Preference- focusing on showing your shape and understanding the difference between preference and support. 2. Weak Twos and how to defend against them. 3. Six Key Pairs’ Tactics- improve your duplicate percentage without doing anything complicated.
Bring your own lunch Tea and coffee available throughout Bar open through the lunch period Limited to 25 tables 
The cost is £25 per person. To reserve a place please email [email protected]  giving details of those attending and either send a cheque payable to ‘SCBA’ to Daphne Greatorex at 4 Noble Street, Bridgwater. TA6 4GF or pay online to 30-98-45 03080007 Using yoursurnameROBSON as the reference.

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