Privacy Policy

Backwell Bridge Club Privacy Policy

Backwell Bridge Club stores personal data on its Members, past Members and sometimes its guests. Such data is provided specifically by those individuals for the purposes described below and is not used for any other purpose.


Q: Why Does Backwell Bridge Club Need to Store My Personal Data?

A: To communicate with you on matters relevant to the bridge club, such as providing you with results when you have played bridge in a match; news of bridge events you may find of interest; cancellation of meetings etc.


Q: What Data is Stored?

 A: Name; address; e-mail; telephone numbers; results; gender;  usual partner, whether you have a particular role within the club – e.g chairman, treasurer. 


Q: Is My Data Processed?

 A: Yes. We use a program called Pianola to process your data. Within that program we can send you messages, maintain a record of your subscriptions, notify you of results and generally improve the services the club provides to members. Pianola retain only an encrypted copy of your data so cannot use it themselves nor transfer it to other parties, e.g. for marketing purposes.


Q: Does the Club Hold My Data in Other Ways?



Q: Can I See What Personal Data the Club Holds on Me ?

Yes, and we strongly advise you to log into Pianola and look at My Account to confirm that the data held is correct, relevant, and is only used as you wish. How to do this is descibed below


Q: How Long Do You Retain My Data?

A: Data is removed a year after you cease to be a member or attend as a guest and from any time that you request it


Q: How can I complain about how my data is being managed?

A: Contact the chairman - see "People" on the website


Q: Who Has Access To My Data?

A: Yourself; an Administrator appointed by the Committee; other members if you have given your permission and it is recorded on My Account in Pianola


Q: How Can I See What Data You Hold on Me and It's Uses

A: After you have provided your contact information you will receive an e-mail from Pianola asking you to use them. After you have filled in the two boxes (and kept a note of them for future use!) you can enter the site. At the top right you will see a box with your name. Click on this box. In the drop down menu click on My Account. Read and correct if necessary your information. In the bar above your data click on Privacy. You will see a set of boxes to record what data you are prepared to share with other members. Click on the boxes to record your preferences and then click Save underneath.


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