Membership & Costs

Membership & Costs

Attend as a Guest

 You are welcome to visit the club (see Location on the web site home page). If you have a partner just turn up - Wednesday night at 6.50pm. If you do not have a partner telephone the chairman or another member of the committee before hand - see People on the web site home page.


Guests pay £5 per evening



Become a Member

 It is best if you first attend for a couple of evenings and play as a guest. If you would then like to join give your name and e-mail address to the chairman or treasurer. You will then receive an email from Pianola asking you to log in. Please look at the club Privacy Policy on the web site and if you wish to proceed enter your contact details and permissions in My Account.


Membership costs £10 per annum and the cost of attendance is reduced to £4 per evening whilst you are a member.


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